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Lasest version: 0.9.1 - Download: Ogrian 0.9, Ogrian 0.9.1 patch

Ogrian Carpet - News

8/25/2005 - Ogrian Carpet is now Linux-compatible. There's no binary distribution yet, but the source can be CVS'ed and there is a makefile to build with. Thanks to J.D. 'Waveclaw' Powell for making the necessary fixes to the code to make it compile under linux. Source (CVS)

5/20/2005 - The 0.9.1 patch has been Released! You can find it on the Downloads page, or just click the link above. Extract the contents of into your Ogrian\ directory, overwriting the existing files.

I changed the cliffs map and the hell map, and I made wizards move faster and the speed spell cheaper. I also fixed some multiplayer crash bugs. You can expect a lot of small, tweaky 0.9.x patches over the next few months.

5/13/2005 - 0.9 has been Released! You can find it on the Downloads page. Also, you can look at the new Screenshots. I've added a rudimentary AI bot to play against. He's kind of stupid, though. He doesn't summon monsters or towers, and he doesn't know that lava kills him. He's pretty good at claiming mana and protecting his castle, though. To defeat him, build a few towers next to his castle to claim the mana automatically and summon lots of sentinels to shoot at him, his castle, and his cranes.

The next version will include some pathfinding so that bots can navigate lava maps. Also, they will be able to summon towers and monsters to assault your castle. Until then, have fun taking advantage of their stupidity.

You can still play a map with no bot opponent, however. In fact, that's the default option. By default, a bunch of towers and monsters are placed in the world to make an interesting scenario. There is also the option of having them placed randomly (as in previous versions). To win, simply kill all of the enemy towers.

Also, multiplayer has been changed to use specifically-placed mana and shrines instead of randomly scatterd stuff. This should remove the problem where the mana would spawn unevenly, putting one player at a disadvantage. Also, some multiplayer maps have "wild" monsters and towers that are hostile to all players. Lowerlands is particularly intersting since most of the mana on the map is guarded by wild towers.

The chagnelog for 0.9:
-AI bot player for skirmish
-things can now be loaded from an image, rather then randomly
-option for old randomized maps
-trees can now always bee seen
-made castle mana drops aggregate more
-loosened the restrictions on summoning
-made the config menu better
-added victory conditions to skirmish: kill all enemy towers/castles
-made ticks and gnomes stay in the formation you put them in
-made monsters and towers drop less then their cost when they have no wizard
-made mana float higher
-made towers cheaper (50)
-made sentinels drop much less (3)
-changed speed behavior on lava maps
-added victory music
-new music

4/28/2005 - 0.8 has been Released! You can find it on the Downloads page. Also, you can look at the new Screenshots. Unfortunately, all my beta-testers are busy playing Guild Wars, so this version might have a few bugs that I don't know about. If you experiance crashes, please email me ( and tell me about it. Be sure to attach the ogre.log file and describe what you were doing or trying to do when it crashed.

changelog for 0.8:
-made health bars always visible when in range
-added hud counters for your posessions
-added a background to the hud to make the text more visible
-added a loading graphic
-reorganized the menu into separate screens
-menu config screen saves its values to ogrian.cfg
-now you can enter your name and choose a server in-game
-added map previews
-added credits page

Look for 0.9 in mid May.

4/20/2005 - 0.7.2 has been Released! You can Download it, or look at the new Screenshots.

-huts are now shrines
-skinning support for castles, towers, and shrines
-new map: lowerlands
-new map textures
-new castle textures
-new shrine mesh
-claim spell now heals monsters
-can claim shrines and mana by just touching them

Look for 0.8 in early May.

4/16/2005 - I've changed my mind. I've had trouble porting Ogrian Carpet to OGRE 1.0, and since I'm on a fairly tight schedual, I've decided to stay with OGRE 0.15. Since OGRE 0.15 is hard to find on the official OGRE website, I've put a copy of it on the Ogrian Download page.

Ogrian 0.8 will still be released in a week or so, and will feature a reorganized menu and more hud features, in addition to all that new media I mentioned on 4/11. However, it will not use the CEGUI that I was so excited about. After Ogrian 1.0 is done, perhaps I'll take another stab at it.

4/12/2005 - Now there's a Forum!. The Oklahoma University Game Developers Association (OUGDA) was kind enough to provide it for us. Go and post in it!

Note: my alias there is "colm".

4/11/2005 - I've started working on porting Ogrian Carpet to use OGRE 1.0, and I've got a Screenshot to prove it! (you can tell it's from OGRE 1.0 by the different OGRE logo in the bottom right corner) As you can see, the menu is completely out of commission and will have to be re-done from scratch. Hopefully this won't take more then a week or two. I'll release 8.0 as soon as I've got it working. 8.0 will be identical to 7.1, but with the new GUI. 8.1 will follow shortly after that and will include new media (maps, music, castles and manashrines by John Michel and Chris Browning, so far) and other small improvements.

4/03/2005 - New Version! Ogrian 0.7.1 has a bunch of new media and gameplay tweaks. I removed baloons and added a new spell: teleport. See the About page for a complete description, the Screenshots page for screenshots, or just Download it. Also, I updated the Help Wanted page.

here's the full changelog:
-some new sprites
-removed baloons, mana go to castles on their own
-nerfed ticks and put them higher on the "tech tree"
-improved gnomes by speeding them up
-made sentinels cheaper
-added a map option to make lava deadly
-gave towers a healing ball and a teleport portal
-lots more settings for maps including start location(s)
-monsters dont spawn right next to you in skirmish
-towers now dont drop all of their mana when they die, some is sent back to the castle, like monsters
-monsters now have health bars
-players can now be allies by choosing the same colour
-allies share portals
-you can give your ally mana by casting build on his castle
-made error messages when building or summoning fails
-added teleport home spell
-fireball, akimbo fireball, and firestorm all occupy the same slot

3/23/2005 - I've removed some items from the help page since I've recieved some better sprites from Jeremiah "Waveclaw" Powell. I'm also tweaking a few things, and I intend to release a 7.1 version with the new media shortly.

2/26/2005 - New Version! Ogrian 0.7 includes all the monsters and spells. See the About page for a complete description, the Screenshots page for screenshots, or just Download it. Also, I updated the Help Wanted page.

2/05/2005 - I've updated the Roadmap. I expect to have the next release (0.7) out before March.

1/14/2005 - New Version! Ogrian 0.6 includes castles, cranes, and rudimentary AI players. See the About page for a complete description, the Screenshots page for screenshots, or just Download it.

8/11/2004 - I'm still waiting on the new Magi sprites, but in the meantime, I got some pretty tree sprites from WorldForge. You can see them at the bottom of the Screenshots page.

8/03/2004 - All known bugs have been fixed. I'm releasing Ogrian Carpet version 0.5, aka the Deathmatch Demo. Download it here. It allows up to 8 players to fight each other for points. There's only one spell, fireball, but it's a start. Also, I've got some good prospects on getting some nifty Magi sprites, and I'll release v0.5.1 as soon as I get them.

I've also updated the Roadmap.

8/01/2004 - I would have been ready to release today, but a last minute bug makes all the players appear as grey instead of their chosen color. I've requested help on the Ogre forums, hopefully I'll get a fix quickly.

7/23/2004 - I've added the fireball and a simple HUD with score tracking. I've decided not to implement a Minimap for the Deathmatch Demo, since it would be fairly useless and very time consuming. I expect to release the Deathmatch Demo on 8/01/04. I've also updated the Roadmap with version numbers.

7/16/2004 - I've added the Oriented Sprite system, and the latest Screenshot shows it off. All thats left for the Deathmatch demo is a fireball spell and the HUD. I expect to release it sometime in August.

7/09/2004 - As promised, I released the Network Tech Demo. Download it here. I also added a Screenshot showing the other player, and updated the Roadmap. Before you run it, be sure to read the readme for instructions on how to set up a network game.

7/07/2004 - I'm still working on the NTD, but in the meantime, I've added a Help Wanted page and some flavor text to the About page.

7/04/2004 - I fixed the crash bug. There's still some weird behavior on the client side, but I probably just need to work out some Logic. Expect the Network Tech Demo by Friday. (I know I said I wouldn't work on it today because of Work, but I did anyway) Also, after further consideration, I've realized that the Deathmatch Demo will probably take more then a week. In addition to creating the whole spells/damage system, I have to create Oriented Sprites (so you can see which direction the enemy wizards are facing). Oh yea, and I'll need a HUD. And scoring would be nice too. It could easily take a month for all that to happen.

7/03/2004 - I've got virtually all of the functionality ready for the network tech demo, but there's a nasty crash bug I've got to work out before I can release it. I won't be able to work on it for a couple of days (due to my day job), but I still hope to have it out by Friday.

6/29/2004 - I took a week off, so add a week to the ETA's listed in the last update. I decided to indulge in the 'vacation' part of summer vacation, so I bought Painkiller and have been playing it as much as possible since monday. In the week prior to that, however, I accomplished a fair bit. Right now, I've got it where the client can connect and the server adds an entry to the player list accordingly. This list is shown when you press the tab key. I've also started adding packet encoding and decoding code for Things, and made other miscellaneous improvements to accomodate networking.

6/16/2004 - I've been working on the networking. I've decided to use the RakNet library because it looks very powerful and very simple. I am using the GPL'ed version, although commercial licenses are also available. In that respect it is similar to the FMOD sound library that I'm using. So far, I've managed to connect a client and server and pass a simple message. The rest should be easy, right? Expect the network tech demo in maybe two weeks and the deathmatch playable demo perhaps a week after that.

Also, I've got a new email address, Links have been updated.

6/12/2004 - I couldn't leave well enough alone, and I've improved the Menu Tech demo to use mouse input instead of keyboard input. Here it is for Download. I also added a new Screenshot.

6/07/2004 - I've re-uploaded the Menu Tech Demo to fix a very small bug (I only had to add one line to fix it, but FINDING that line was hard). Just re-Download the file and see the correctly functioning Menu Tech Demo.

Also, my birthday is tommorrow.

6/03/2004 - I've finally released the Menu Tech Demo. It's here: Download. As promised, it allows for the selection of map in-game. This was more difficult then I had anticipated because I had to fix a bug with the Nature plugin to get it to work. I've added a relevant Screenshot.

5/20/2004 - OGRE has released version 0.14, and I've migrated to it with no trouble. I've decided that I need to create an in-game menu system before I can do networking, so I've added a Menu Tech Demo to the Roadmap. OGRE has some built in stuff that looks pretty good, so it shouldn't take more then a week or so. For the Menu Tech Demo, the menu will allow selection of map in-game and will also have a check-box for inversion of the mouse y-axis.

5/18/2004 - As promised, the Audio Tech Demo is available. Go to Download and click on '', then pick a mirror. Unzip it and run Ogrian.exe.

Note, Spacebar drops manathings that buzz, and when they touch a tree, it booms and dies. Also, you can play music by pressing M and N.

5/17/2004 - I have been busy the last two weeks with school ending, but now that I've graduated, I'll be spending the summer working 20ish hours a week on OC (while I work part time at wal-mart to pay rent). I start grad school in August, so that gives me more then two months of nose-to-the-grindstone time. Note, this project was initially concieved as a summer project, but I got impatient and started early.

I started today on Audio. I decided to go with FMOD because my end users would have to install OpenAL seperately from OC, or I'd have to make some sort of installer. My intent is to distribute a .zip file that can be uncompressed and immediately run under Windows. If you want to see how trivially easy FMOD is to use, just have a look at OgrianAudio.h/.cpp in CVS. I expect to have an audio tech demo out tommorrow. It will also show of the improved physics engine.

5/6/2004 - I've finished the new physics engine. I added two screenshots. On to audio...

5/5/2004 - I've decided to work on improving the physics before adding audio. I'm basically recreating the same grid system that I used in Arabian Flights, but I'll also have to handle objects that are outside the grid, since there's no hard borders on the world. I looked at using a quadtree, but since most of my things will be close in size, I thought it was too general. I've completed the basic stuff, and the framerates are quite nice (30-60 fps), even with 1000 trees on the island! I just have some crash bugs to work out and some edge cases to handle, and I'll be done with the physics.

5/02/2004 - I've cleaned up some code and added a lot of comments. For audio, I have two options, OpenAL and FMOD. OpenAL is LGPL and is maintained by Creative. FMOD is free for noncommercial use, but not open-source. Ordinarily, I'd immediately choose OpenAL, but I've heard that FMOD is very easy and super fast. I'll probably try OpenAL first, and if I feel like its taking too much time to get working, I'll switch to FMOD.

Oh, and I added a Roadmap.

4/29/2004 - I've released the Graphcis Tech Demo (GTD). Click on Download, then ''. Choose a mirror, download, unzip, and run Ogrian.exe. Read the ReadMe.txt for full details. Basically: wsad moves, mouse looks around, spacebar drops a mana thing. This Requires DirectX 9.

4/28/2004 - I'm getting very close to releaseing a Grahpics Tech Demo. I could release it now, but I want to look into some more performance optimizations first. After I release the GTD, I'll do some code cleanup, mostly commenting. Then I'll work on integrating audio with OpenAL. After that, I'll see about getting a suitible network library. I'd really like this to be a multiplayer game, and I think I can do it if I integrate networking early enough. After I deal with networking, the real fun begins - I start making monsters and spells and castles.

4/24/2004 - I fixed the last known problem with the billboards. They now render correctly. I also added a new screenshot of a volcano with smoke and palm trees.

4/23/2004 - I WIN! I fixed the texture alignment AND I made the billboards play nicely with the sky! And I have a screenshot to prove it.

4/21/2004 - I've been working on fixing the Nature Scene Mangager, and it needs a lot of work. While I've only found one bug (the texture misalignment), it's proven non-trivial to fix. Since this is a bug that would have been revealed if there had been any real testing, I can assume I'm the first person to actually use the thing. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that I will run into other bugs in it later. Since the author hasn't touched it in months, I have decided to dig in and really fix it up on my own. I've added it to my own CVS, but I'll see about gaining access to the official Ogre CVS later so I can update it there. I've got three goals with this code: 1) bug fixes 2) code cleanup 3) commenting.

4/19/2004 - I've added some monster descriptions to the about page. The three monsters from Arabian Flights will be copied verbatim, and I've thought of two new ones: the shade and the caterpiller. Haven't worked on the texture misalignment.

4/17/2004 - I've added some screenshots of the texture misalignment so the dev's can see what I'm talking about. I'm going to make a thread on the forum to see if someone can help me fix it. I've searched the forums, and I'm amazed this has never come up before.

4/15/2004 - I'm working on changing the terrain manager over to the 'Nature' terrain manager, but it has a bug where the textures aren't aligned. I'm trying to fix it. If I can get it to work, Nature will allow for a much more detailed landscape. I am also vexed by the difficulty of getting billboards to render properly. There are two big problems: 1) They don't play well with the sky. 2) They sometimes vanish completely.

4/13/2004 - I added a new screenshot. It shows my very first attempt at foliage. I promise to make it better.

4/12/2004 - Yay open source! the billboard bug has been fixed! See this thread for the full saga!

4/11/2004 - I made a new map and took a screenshot of it.

4/10/2004 - I have discovered a bug in Ogre3D. It can be seen on the Screenshots page. I'll try to get it fixed.

4/09/2004 - I decided to give up on 3d models and just use sprites again. I really don't want to take the time to learn to model, animate, and to make the animated models. I'll just reuse the sprite I already have and make more sprites. Sprites are easy. I've updated the about page accordingly.

4/07/2004 - I added a new paragraph to the about page. It describes my plans for the mana system. This system is very simmilar to the system used in Magic Carpet, and markedly different from the gold system used in Arabian Flights.

4/06/2004 - New Screenshot. It shows some rolilng entities that were moving and then collided with each other and stopped. Collision detection works! Also, they follow the terrain and are thus called 'Rolling' Entities.

4/05/2004 - New Screenshot. It shows the first entities. Their collisions are being detected, though this is hard to see in the screenshot. You have to look very closely.

3/29/2004 - Website launch. See the pretty pictures!

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