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Ogrian Carpet - Screenshots

(5/13/2005) These are images from version 0.9, showing off the foliage.

(4/28/2005) These are images from version 0.8, showing off the new menu and HUD.

(4/20/2005) These are images from version 0.7.2.

(4/11/2005) This is the first and only screenshot taken with OGRE 1.0

(3/25/2005) These are images from version 0.7.1.

(2/26/2005) These are images from version 0.7.

(1/14/2005) These are images from version 0.6.

(8/11/04) I got some better trees.

(7/16/04) This shows oriented sprites in action, note the angry faces are facing different directions so different sides of them are shown.

(7/09/04) This is from the Network Tech Demo. It shows the other player.

(6/12/04) This is the menu from the NEW menu tech demo.

(6/03/04) This is the menu from the menu tech demo.

(5/06/04) Here are two pics showing off the new physics. They show a world with 1000 trees, with collisions being detected.

(4/28/04) This is from the Graphics Tech Demo. It shows foliage and mana.

(4/24/04) This is a screenshot I because I thought it would look nice. It's a volcano! This is my new desktop background image.

(4/23/04) This shows a working NatureSceneManager. It also shows billboards playing nicely with the sky. I am teh winnar.

(4/13/04) My first feeble attempt at foliage.

(4/11/04) I made a new map. Here's a screenshot. It needs some trees and stuff.

(4/06/04) Rolling Entites. They follow the terrain. They are also rigged to stop moving when they collide. This group all started out moving and later collided. Note the two that aren't touching any others are still moving (they move 'backwards'), and stopped correctly after the screenshot was taken. This demonstrated a functional collision detection system. yay!

(4/05/04) The very first PhysicalEntities! The little ones are even moving. Aren't they cute?

(3/29/04) This is another screenshot of the same landscape, but in a window instead of fullscreen. This was used to make the logo.

(3/29/04) This was the first screenshot ever.

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